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Hi everyone. I have been focusing on learning woodworking with making cabinetry (mostly because I am a new homeowner and I need storage). The boxes are the easy part, it is playing around with the doors. Against some advice I have read on other posts and podcasts I have been practicing with pine. Thanks you Marc's raising arizona video i have gotten pretty good at raised panel doors. I was thinking my next project would be to make new doors for our kitchen cabinets. I was thinking of trying to do something like what Marc did on his fancy raised panel video, but with a thinner veneer. Is this doable or is a thicker veneer the way to go?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Right now our cabinets are faceframed with half lap plywood doors with a rounded edge. Doors and frames are the "classic" honey oak color that I think every kitchen built for 40yrs have. I was going to make full overlay doors with euro hinges. Any recomendations on wood species to try that I could try?

My original thought is to probably use an oak for the substrate and veneer with a dark constrasting wood, that way the cut out parts on the panel and the rails and styles as well as a 1/4 round edge would be a lighter color and the other parts would be a darker veneer (not sure what species I would go with)



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I think its hard to make oak fancy with contrasting woods. Oak is just to 80's or bland for a better word, dont think contrasting woods look all that great with it. Have you thought about new face frames. If their just standard hang on the wall boxes Id probably just build new cabinets the exact same size to avoid a whole remodel.


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I generally agree that Oak is tough to work with and have it appear contemporary. However it is prolific and somewhat affordable, you can fume quartersawn material to create darker rich surfaces. You can contrast that with an ebonized oak material (use quebacho bark tea).

You can should be pretty able to get some pretty fancy panels with a combination of finishes and joinery.

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