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A dear friend happens to be a water color artist. He has helped me on a personal level many times in the past year. I asked his wife about his watercolor supplies and she said they are kind of everywhere. We talked about a chest. She got the appropriate demensions and started. I posted a few pics of the construction process. The primary wood is some 50 year old cherry with the secondary wood as poplar. I used several of the techniques we learned in the chest of drawer build, including web frames etc. Mortise and tenon joinery along with dados. I would like to blow my chest up and say i planed the " floating " tenon on the side panels to allow wood expansion but the honest truth is I cut the rails to the exact length before I cut the tenons. Since the router table was already set up, it was just easier to use a floating rather than fixed tenon. Solid as a rock. The client chose a black cherry finish. I really wanted to go with something that enhanced the wood. Maybe just natural and let the cherry continue to do its thing or a light finish. Alas, it doesn't belong to me. I used Charles Neil blotch control and it did a wonderful job of hiding the small areas of sapwood and color variation of the cherry. The topcoat is Endurovar (sp) x 5 coats. Rubbed out to 6000 micro finish and smooth as a baby's bottom. They were both pleased and thrilled with a place to store his artist supplies in a cabinet they can display. I hope you enjoy my version of sketch up and story stick !!!

post-34-0-35216900-1322925954_thumb.jpg post-34-0-12270900-1322925956_thumb.jpg post-34-0-05557100-1322925958_thumb.jpg post-34-0-69571100-1322925959_thumb.jpg post-34-0-92364200-1322925960_thumb.jpgpost-34-0-26681400-1322925962_thumb.jpg

post-34-0-48457900-1322925963_thumb.jpg post-34-0-82731500-1322925964_thumb.jpg post-34-0-43470800-1322925966_thumb.jpg post-34-0-33629700-1322925981_thumb.jpg post-34-0-26767800-1322925983_thumb.jpg post-34-0-04236800-1322925985_thumb.jpg post-34-0-53073900-1322925986_thumb.jpg

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CLAMPS!! WE NEED MORE CLAMPS!! Do you ever have too many? You might, but I haven't in 52 years.

Mike, I think the feet gives this piece the umph...the magesty...the dignity if you turns a nice piece into one that has a James Bond swagger ( others). The large raised panel sides also add to this aura as does the vertical beading which ties it all together. I shall call it "The Bond Chest". Good good job.

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