Vise mounting location

Where should I mount my vise?  

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  1. 1. Where should I mount my vise?

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My plan is to mortise the back jaw of the vise into the bench. I already made a template. I plan on making a jaw for the clamping face(Not picture). I am not sure where or how many dog holes I should put.. Input would be great. Thanks

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Edit: I would drill a new dog hole on the jaws that I would make...

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I guess the main question is how wide can you make the outside jaw and still get mostly even pressure? I'd figure that out, and move it back to the edge just a bit and mount it.

Here is an idea for you:This might not work, but take a peice of large solder, like what you use to sweat copper with, it should be soft enough to pinch or flatten out with enough pressure. Make a temp jaw pad thats "x" long. Start at the end and try to flatten the solder. Work your way to the center, and find the sweet spot. That should give you an idea on how wide you can make the pad.

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Yeah I'm going with E

A recent episode of Woodsmith on PBS just built a bench and mounted the vise the same way.

They ended up having the rear vise jaw mounted behind the piece of workbench, so the bench itself acted as the rear jaw.

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