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I just completed a 3 drawer storage cabinet for under the saw to hold all of my saw blades, push sticks, featherboards, etc...


The top drawer holds pencils, pens, and a few specific tools for the saw (allen wrenches etc..)

The middle drawer holds all of the push blocks and stuff and the bottom drawer is for the saw blades.


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I am very happy with it. It is a very nice saw that does a really nice job and I really like the idea of the safety feature. I lost concentration after a series of thin cuts (with no blade guard) with my old saw and let my right hand drift over the saw blade coming back from the last cut and cut my thumb. It wasn't too bad although it was deep enough to chip the bone and require 4 stitches. Even a minor injury like that cost $1500 and would have paid for half of the saw stop. Now I have a thumb with a bump under the skin (scar tissue) and a resultant dead spot (can't feel anything there). I wish I had bought it before the accident.

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John, it is melamine. There is a place here in town that buys things in lots. They had a great deal a few months back on some 3/4" white on one side brown on the other melamine that they got from a cabinet shop going out of business so I picked up 10 sheets (8 x 4) for $179.00. The cabinets in the background I made before I got the great deal on the melamine so those are 5/8" all white melamine. I made several base cabinets and upper cabinets. Here are a couple photos of them. One of these days I'll clean up the shop and do a proper set of photos.



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