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Is anyone else on Pintrest? I just started messing around with it, but I think I need to find some wood working folks to follow. So far my friends and family seem to be mostly interested in puppies, lady's hair styles, and food.

Anyway, I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread where other folks can put in their pintrest links. I think that it is a great place to help you collect future project ideas, pictures, etc.

Here is my profile if anyone is interested:

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My wife likes going on there and has pointed out some neat things, if it is woodworking related I am interested, if it is 101 things to do with twist ties or lone socks I would pass. Just wondering, what is your thoughts on why it would be better to post ideas these vs here,not being sarcastic I was just wondering?


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what is your thoughts on why it would be better to post ideas these vs here

Like StrangeRanger, I've only be using it for a week or so. I am by no means and expert on it, but I see it more as an inspiration source / personal cataloging site. For example, I recently made a coat rack for my entry way. As I was searching the internet for various sources of inspiration, I just pinned various images back to my coat-rack board. What I ultimately made was almost an exact copy of one of the images I found, but I can see for other projects where I may lift a piece of one picture with the trim of another, etc. I think most people probably do this already by bookmarking links in their browser. By finding a few people through this forum to follow, I can get more focused ideas by seeing what others with similar interest pin (vs the 101 things to do with socks as you mention).

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