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im building a bassinet and im trying to decide on how i should join the rails to the legs. should i use two 5mm dominos? two 8mm dominos (just barely fit). or should i use one 8mm domino? below is a quick pic of two 8mm dominos (top) and two 5mm dominos (bottom). the rails are 2.5" wide.


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I am by no means an expert, but I'll thro in my two cents. I like the idea of two dominos. I would assume (yes, I know what happens when I assume) it will help prevent racking. I think the 5mm will give you plenty of strength and give you just a little more "fudge" room whem placing them. The 8mm look very close to the edge.

Take it or leave it, but that's how I see it. Good luck.

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I have used 2 #8 dominoes in one slot at the widest setting. I just rip them on the band saw until they fit the opening. Thicker tenon with deeper penetration should result it a stronger joint.

One of these days I am going to rip and sand some blanks to the size of the middle and widest domino settings, a quick tiny round over on the router table and I can have a tenon any width or length I want. I know I have seen a jig design for cross cutting small parts safely in quantity.


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