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So was given some scrap veneer from my uncle who has a production veneer shop. I have been playing with marquetry type stuff (chess board). This is the really thin veneer i think 1/64" i think he said. What i want to do is use some of this stuff on some frame and panel doors i am making. I am just going to do a book match on the 1/4" panel, but on the frame i want to do a 1/2" inlays strip all around the face of the frame.

How do i cut a groove just shallow enough to get this veneer into?

i have though of just taking my plunge router with a 1/2" straight bit, zero it out, then using the stop to get the exact depth of the material along with a fence i could cut it that way. it just seems to me that 1/64" is really tight tolerances.

i also thought to do the same process, but glue up my veneer to a 1/8" or so substraight (i was thinking mdf but i dont know if they make it that thin). Then do the same process above but with a thicker piece i think it would be easier. I would have to use the table saw to rip the inlay strips(would take a while with a veneer saw)


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That's a good idea. I like the idea of cutting on the TB because I can use the router bit to set the exact width.

No access to a drum sander.

Generally you would leave the inlay a bit proud and then sand down. But without seeing how thick it is its harder to say. With a super thin veneer you would cut the groove a hair deep then run the stiles and rails through a drum sander. hand sand would work but is going to take awhile. Do you have a bag to do the door panels?


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That is very thin veneer. Is it backed with paper? Milling a grove 1/64 is going to be a challenge. If you really want an inlay I'd do what dwacker suggests - cut a 1/32 groove and glue in the inlay then very carefully sand the wood flush to the veneer but be careful as you'll be unpleasantly surprised how fast you can sand through.

The thing I'd test is how much the veneer swells with the glue and gauge the depth of the groove by that.

and I guess you can stick the veneer through the table saw but I find I can cut veneer very fast with a jig and a sharp veneer saw. With veneer that thin you might even find the a sharp xacto knife with a straight edge cuts fast and clean. Just cut a strip of MDF as wide as you want the veneer strips and use that as a cutting guide.

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so i went and put some calipers on the veneer. I got .018 in or .48mm. I also talked to my Uncle and he said it is usually 1/42 to 1/50th of an inch when they order it.

For the panel i do not do not have a bag. I have had descent results with mdf panels and lots and lots of clamps. i know a bag is best, but i have just been doing flat pieces and have been saving to get a pump and bag.

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