TV Riser with DVD storage

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Hey guys,

I am new to box and cabinet making, so I thought that I would ask the question to see if the more knowledgeable folks could tell me the best possible method.

A client has a TV cabinet that was purchased from Ikea. The current flat panel TV sits on top with no problems, except she would like to raise the TV height about the size of a dvd. So the thought was to build a small platform on top of the current tv stand and create a small opening in the front just big enough for dvd's to stand up in. I am going to make this out of 3/4 plywood or MDF as it is just going to be painted white to match the current setup.

See attached sketch

I will be putting in a T shaped support to be the backing for the DVDs as well as extra strength using dados.

My questions:

Is a Rabbet joint strong enough for the top of this that the TV will sit on?

Would you cut the rabbet into the top, or the sides?

What joint would you recommend?

Is there a traditional joint used for this?

Any good (free) resources you would recommend?

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I would cut the rabbet in the sides, so the full thickness of the top is supported by the rabbet.

I'm chuckling over the idea of a "traditional joint" used for an MDF TV riser for an IKEA cabinet. I'm picturing future antique dealers saying, "Ahh, but you can tell this is not an authentic 1990's Ikea TV stand. Look at the part number on these screws. Ikea didn't start using these until the late 2020's, but they stopped making this cabinet before 2000."

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except she would like to raise the TV height about the size of a dvd.

Haha, when I read that, I thought to myself, my god how can she tell the height of the tv in terms of the thickness of a dvd? Man is she picky. Maybe you don't want to do work for that client.....

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