Router Lift help (Mast-R-Lift and Milwaukee 5625 router)


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I bought the Jessem Mast-R-Lift a while back when they made some in China and then decided they werent going to offshore stuff and then put eveything they had made off-shore at 1/2 price to sell them all. I finally rebuilt my router table and just now got around to using the lift. Right after I bought the thing I read that my router the Milwaukee 5625 isnt one of the routers the lift supports directly and you had to buy a shim so I bought the shim.

I loosened the main bolt and tried installing the router with the shim on it but was too tight. Even without the shim the router is tough to get in and the height adjustment screw on the router doesnt quite fit in the hole that they provide for it quite right. This seems to throw off the router from center but it appeared to be secure when I tightened the bolt. I turned on the router and it didnt appear to move in the lift or anything. I tried a couple light passes on some wood and it appeared ok. I went to use it today and the router dropped out of the lift. It didn't drop very far and though I havent checked it yet, it is probably ok.

Is anyone familiar with this lift and router combination? I am going to send an email to Jessem but I thought I would send this out to the forum and see if anyone had any experience with this lift and router.

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