An Uncomfortable Request

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As others have said it's very unfortunate that anyone would want to do this to the community. I've gleaned so much knowledge from your site over the past three years that it has really shaped the way that I approach the craft. Your contributions to the woodworking community are very valuable, and you've been incredibly generous with your time with many of the emails I know that I've sent you, and I'm sure others can say the same. I'd like nothing more than to renew my guild membership, but it's just not in the cards right now, but I have made a small purchase from the store, I hope it helps out some.

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with some hosting plans you do pay for the usage of your site. the more people use the site, the higher the charge ends up being. it's an effective way to host a site, especially a small one where you still need a dedicated server and don't want to spend $100/month. it's also an effective way to kill your bank account if something like this, or other unexpected surges in use occur.

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First, I'm very impressed with the community so kudos to those who are supporting you.

Second, is there any chance it's that one guy who posted on the videos a while back about how he's getting his club and petitions against you?

Third, I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem and glad your parents are helping out with Mateo. However, please realize that as much as this woodworker enjoys your site, this woodworker also hopes you're taking time away from fixing the mess from the attack and spending time with your wife and son. This site and content is very impressive, but Mateo is your most important creation to date (IMHO). I'll wait a couple days longer to access the site if I know it means you're able to spend time with your little one.


A Dad

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Marc, I've benefited from your free videos for a LONG time. Your post came at a perfect time as I was ready to place a huge amazon order, and was able to link through your site. I'll also be making some purchases from TWW store as well to further support the great content that you've put out. Thanks for all you've done enhancing the online woodworking community.

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