Cleaning table saw top

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My saw is now two years old. Try as I might, it is stained and I can't get it back to that new look. No pits, just stains.

I work with some green oak from time to time and if it sits on the saw for a couple of minutes it will leave a brown mark. Non air conditioned shop in south Texas. There are a few sweat drops that left some surface rust. Rust promptly removed. Stains still there.

Polished with extra fine steel wool. Sealed with Johnstons paste wax. But I want to get back to the new saw look.

Any help is appreciated.



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It's tough to get the top to look brand new again. Mine has a few stains from different lumber, and it had a coffee cup ring for a while (oops). I scrub mine with WD40 and 0000 steelwool. Then I use topcote, and finally a coat of paste wax. Looks great, even with a few stains ;)

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Second the ROS with 150 grit. I used lacquer thinner instead of WD40 because it evaporates and doesn't leave a film on the table. Work up through finer grits to give the table a real polish. Follow it up with some Johnson's paste wax.

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