CAB Acryllic Lacquer over paint

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Have a question that I'm hoping you guys could answer for me.

I have made several picture frames from sugar maple for my daughters graduation pictures . For the finish, my plan was to use an ebony waterbased stain, followed by Sherwin Williams CAB acryllic lacquer (on top of a coat or two of S-W vinyl sealer). I've done this many times with good results. Except now, my daughter has changed her mind, and decided she wants the picture frames done in her school colors.

Well I've used mixol color pigment before with the S-W lacquer with good results so I tried using that to come up with the correct colors. After trying many times to mix the proper shades of color, I'm just not able to get it right. It doesn't help that I'm VERY color blind.

My question is...can I use enamel or other type of paint underneath the sealer and lacquer to get the color she wants? I've tried a couple laytex paints on some scrap I had in the basement just check compatibility, but as I suspected the laytex paint crazed almost immediately no matter what time window I tried.

She really wants these colors, combined with the gloss and depth of the lacquer. Would another type of paint be more compatible with the S-W? Any ideas?



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I would suggest going to you local Sherwin Williams and having them color match the shchool colors in lacquer. It will be under Chemical coatings callesd Opex production lacquer it can be applied over an oil based primer or the recomended base coat is vinyl surfacer. This will give you an excelent finish and can be top coated with SW lacquer. Also the Opex lacquer can be thinned up to 100% if need be for spraying. Hope this helps.

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I agree. The commercial location where I get my SW materials will match the lacquer to any color you want. Only some of the "paint" stores can do this so I would recommend calling ahead to see if they can.

The other option would be to try a layer of sealcoat shellac over the paint first. I'm not sure if this would work, but sealcoat generally is a universal coating.

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Thanks DCustoms and Tim,

I looked up the Opex lacquer on S-W's site (tinting white L61W19). It's exacly what I'm looking for! I'm pretty fortunate in that I liver near a S-W commercial coatings distributor, so I should have no problems obtaining it.

Thanks again!


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