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Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I can't go into much detail about the attack itself or what we are doing to mitigate it. But rest assured we have the right people helping us out. :) Your continued support is appreciated!

First off, you are welcome for the support! You've been there for us, and I think we are all trying to show and say that we want to be there for you.

Secondly, to the rest of the forum, with all due respect, this comment is all we are going to get for the time being. Not that I know anything about what's going on; like the rest of you, I crave knowledge. Part of our constant demand for information is because Marc has been incredibly generous and open with his time, knowledge, and patience, filling us in on a lot of things. But, based off my experiences with jury duty, I know that there are times when someone knows something and is not allowed to say anything until a later time. Let Marc dictate the flow of knowledge to us on this one.

So, and again, I am not trying to insult anybody or step on anyone's toes, I would like to request that we stop asking for information about what's going on, and instead ask how we can help, and what we can do to protect from this sort of thing happening in the future. Both to ourselves, and to our family. ('Cause that's what I think of you guys.)

That doesn't mean I won't be there when it's time to hold someone accountable. I'm just waiting for the finish to cure before applying the next coat of shellacking.

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yes, there is a cure. stop buying and using crappy software.

no, that'll never happen.

just sayin..

+1 for any open source os.

Btw, I doubt very much that macs will ever get as bad as pc's for virii. Windows security model is a mess, and really might as well not be there at all from a lower level point of view. Macs use a bsd kernel, which is much more robust, and much more secure.

Just sayin.....

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I vote for a chisel throwing contest, with the perp blue taped in place.

Remember folks... If you like going to a park, sometimes you have to help keep it clean...

Donate, follow links to merchants, contribute to the forums, comment on videos and podcasts... Whatever fits best in your personal situation. The best way to flip off the perp is for all of us to keep on doing what we like to do. Remember the Grinch? :lol:

BTW... I'm betting the perp is a fellow woodworker, as sad as it may seem. I don't think the latest assault's timing with Safety Week was an accident. But that's just me...

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And the last attack coincided with our new site design release. Could be coincidence but we seem to be hit at very "visible" times.

And thanks for the support ideas. I agree that the best way to fight back is to keep using the resource and participating in whatever way suits you. Lots of options around here. :)

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