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Thanks for the kind words Hadders! I really appreciate hearing your perspective. And sorry to hear about the redundancy. Sounds like you're making the most of your time though!

I saw your purchase come in and emailed you immediately since we didn't mean for the SuperFan option to be available just yet. In fact, the site is down intermittently this week and I screwed up by not removing the link to the sales page. So refer to your email for all the detail on how we can proceed. Sorry for the extra confusion I created.

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Ok, I have looked all over for this information and have not been able to find it, so I will ask here. What is the Super Fan Membership, and what does it include that my standard membership does not? I appologize in addvance, because I am sure this has been discused somewhere else, but I have not found it yet. I have been out of pocket for the lasy month and just got back on the site today to notice A LOT of changes to the site and memberships.

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Hey Jeff. This information is laid out on the Guild Home Page. The trick is you need to NOT be logged in. You can see the details here: http://thewoodwhispererguild.com/

If you happen to be logged in, you can learn more about the Superfan Membership by clicking the gray box that says, "Cha Cha Changes". Here's the link for that: http://thewoodwhispererguild.com/members/whats-new/

If you need further clarification, just let me know.

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From the Guild web page:

"A supercharged membership for our superfans and supporters.

  • Everything in the Standard Membership
  • New members will receive 1 FREE Archived project with purchase
  • E-mail, and voice/video (Skype) consultations
  • Vendor discounts,
    • 20% OFF TWWStore.com,
    • 20% OFF archived projects

    [*]Free Guild t-shirt or hat

    [*]Holiday Card

    [*]1 FREE Project DVD"

It seems to me that the Superfan membership is sort of like the thank you gifts that PBS gives out. You are donating to support the site, and Marc has this way of saying "thank you" to people who donate at a higher level. I hope that Marc won't think I'm mis-representing the Superfan option.

Although, the Skype consultation might be worth a lot. Hard to put a dollar figure on that sort of resource.

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You have it right. The Superfan membership, while containing some nice bonuses (especially if you are a new member or you need the consultation time) is really more of a supporter package than anything else. If you're looking for the best "value", look no further than the Standard 1-year membership.

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Hi , new to the site , I have been watching your free videos and learning alot. Thanks.

I was thinking of joining the guild , just had a question...

If I buy the Adirondack chair video here http://www.twwstore.com/projects/adirondack-chair-dvd/ 50$

does that make me an ala carte member or do I have to buy it from the member page for 65$


Or If I buy the 1year membership , I can select the adirondack chair video free,

do I get access to other video projects or is there just the 7 guild projects available?


Do I have to pay for the 7 videos extra with a 1 year membership

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Hey there. In an airport right now and on my phone so Ill make it brief. :)

DVDs do not grant Guild membership.

To be a Guild member you would need to purchase a project directly on the Guild site.

If you purchase a 1 yr membership, you receive a coupon code that gives you a free archived project up to $65. And that is correct that there are currently only 7 Guild projects available. The plan is to add at least three per year. If i can do more I will but 3 is the minimum.

And yes, if you become a yearly member you do need to pay for any past projects you want access to (aside from the one you get as a sign-on bonus). Of course the three projects that occur over the next year are your as well. And if we do more than three, those are included in your membership.

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