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what type of lathe do you have? make shure your thread count is correct most are 1" -8 TPI small lathes ae 1" 16tpi, if you lathe is reversable make shure you get a chuck that is reversable because my delta 46-460 is reversable and my cole chuck comes off sometimes when i turn in reverse so i always start slow and build up when im sanding. i usualy dont use it in reverse but a couple of times it was a must. most of the time just a regular chuck can make bowls if you are smart about it. start by puting in a face place in the part that will get scooped out. then turn the tennon for the leg eather a inside or a outside. (i prefer inside tennons for looks). at this point clean up the bottom of your bowl. then you can put the tennon in your chuck jaws and turn the inside of you bowl.

i have this chuck

here is a recondioned one http://www.novatools...uck-48202-R.htm

great chuck onlything i dont like is that it does not have other jaws that come with it like a set of pin chucks

here is a flat jawed/longsworth/cole chuck that i gothttp://www.pennstate...tore/LCJC8.html works great but i had to take it apart to work oil the gears a little as they stick but that could just be because of siting on a shelf for a long time. also it does not have any set screws to lock in place when going in reverse. another option is a longsworth chuck http://www.woodturne..._longworth?Args much faster then the chuck above but it does not have different size pins for large or smaller bowls which has come in very handy and with the other style i can put a square block on my chuck to creat a coved depresion in the surface. the screws can be moved for unusualy shaped pieces of wood.

i plan on having 3 chucks one for regular jaws for bowl turning, another with the big flat jaws, and a third that i can switch out jaws for so if i want to do realy small forms i can switch in a set of pin jaws. or i can make a set of rubber jaws (need to have a machiniest make for me) this is the one im thinking of buying as its cheaper then the alternative 130 instead of 170

another option is a vacume chuck http://www.woodturne...uum_Chucks?Args= cant help much here as i have not done this.

off center turning chucks here are 2 i thought of buying. http://www.pennstate...ore/CSC600.html, http://www.woodturne...min_eccent?Args=

finaly thought this chuck was inturesting thinking of buying this so i can use to turn ear gauges i can just drill out the center and then i can put the gauges on the chuck and tighten down that way i can clean up the back sides of the gauges. or any small form

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I would like to try and help you out in selecting a chuck for your lathe. If you could give me a bit of info on your lathe, and the swing of the machine, I will be better informed to provide you with some different choices.


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my lathe has a 12 inch swing and it works great with the nova. while the nova isent the bigest badest chuck out there it is still a good chuck and i cant complain. i have turned lots of bowl blanks on the lathe that are unbalanced and had no problems so far. but like i said only bad thing about the nova is you get one set of jaws so if you want to turn smaller discs or odd pieces it can be difficult. like i said above if you end up doing this daily you might want to think of geting flat jaws and another chuck to save yourself time.

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This is the chuck I use on my 3520b. As far as that goes I would be less concerned with the actual chuck and more with the jaws. I can use different profile jaws for the types of turning I do. For instance, Depending on the size bowl or platter I might go with a different size jaw that will allow me to have a larger or smaller foot.

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I got the $89 chuck from penn state, not sure what it is called, works great. I think it's a cost effective beginners chuck. And comes with adapters, they have or did have it on a special and you got the flat jaws. Not the greatest but decent. Have already made 4-5 bowls in it within the 2 weeks I've had it

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