Table Saw Workstation

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I'm working in a 2-car garage with a need to have one car parked in the garage so I'm always in need of space and mobile equipment.

This project allowed me to have a router table and some extra storage space for my featherboards, router bits/accessories, etc. As you can see from the tabletop I still don't have enough storage space.

The workstation was built in 3 stages.

1st Stage: Table Saw Base

Built the mobile base for the tablesaw unit. I figured I would have gotten more than 1 drawer out of the unit but after building the dust collection chute I had very little space left for more storage.

2nd Stage: Extension Base for Router Table and Drawers

I added this for more storage and created a double door to keep access for the tablesaw internals. I also needed this base so I could create the enclosure for the router table.

3rd Stage: Router Enclosure

As you know the router table can create a lot of saw dust so this was built and seems to work pretty well. I have a 4-1/2" dust collection port for the enclosure and a aux 2-1/2" dust collection port for above the table.






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that is what they call a franken........looks like it was defitly cobled together from bunch of other cabinets. but if it works then it works

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That is friggin awesome! Looks like a very practical use of space, with tons of storage! Great work!

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Like you I work in a 2 car garage that needs to house a car most of the time. Maximum use of space is mission critical. Looks like you have a nice set up there. I will keep this in mind if I ever decide I need to build a storage around my TS.

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