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I just joined the forum, so this reply is a bit late, but I wanted to mention that the Woodcraft store in Austin gives classes. Check out this link: Austin Woodcraft Classes (If the link doesn't work then just search for Austin Woodcraft and go to their "Classes" link.

ACC also offers Woodworking classes under their "Building Construction Technology Department". But it looks like you have to be on a degree/certificate plan and take credit hours to take these classes: ACC 2011 Woodworking Classes (Again if the link doesn't work go to ACC's website and search for the WDWK classes under their Building Construction Technology Department.)

I didn't see any informal classes offered by UT or ACC...

I haven't taken any of the Woodcraft or ACC classes so I can't add any more info on how good they are.

Did you end up finding/taking classes anywhere?

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Brandon, I started taking the classes at ACC. You do have to at least go for the woodworking certificate. It has some classes on it that I'm not really interested in, such as blue print reading and OSHA regulations. But I found the actual wood working class to be good. The teacher also offered to let me take her advanced class even though I technically wouldn't be allowed to by normal pre-requisites. The blue print reading class ended up being rather enjoyable and I learned a good deal. When you first try to sign up for the woodworking course it can be a bit annoying because the register people didn't really understand what I wanted, they wanted me to get transcripts and take the college test, which I wasn't going to do since I have a career. Once I got in and talked to the counselor he got it all set up correct for me. I got the impression that once you are in, you can kinda take what you want without to much worry. There were people in the woodworking class doing it as an elective.

I don't know if the Round Rock campus is set up and fully going yet, but the last time I talked with someone at ACC, the Round Rock campus is going to over woodworking as well. The Riverside campus is a bit of a drive for me, so I'm very excited for it. Now if they would only offer more classes when I can actually take them.

I've taken the cabinet class at Woodcraft, it was well taught and I was happy with it.

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For furniture / hand craft skills, the Heritage Homestead folks in Elm Mott TX (that's a few minutes north of Waco, under two hours drive from Austin) run a hand tool woodworking school as a part of their center for essential education (i.e., traditional skills). The woodworking school features teacher Frank Strazza who has built beautiful and award winning pieces. You can find info on this school online at www.homesteadheritage-woodworking.com/index.html I've taken classes there (not just in the woodworking school) and they've all been excellent. They also teach timber building classes sometimes. Note though that they're really focused on hand tools and skill development.

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