Here's a good scrap wood project


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I had some leftover cherry, walnut, and cedar that were staring me down from the corner of my shop. They had been watching me for weeks. Late at night I could hear them discussing their potential fate...."Whadda ya think Wally, is it gonna be the BBQ smoker for us?!?!?" I decided to put their fears to rest and turn them into a useful pizza peel. They were very appreciative and promised to be pepperoni patrons for years to come.


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Doesn't look like scrap anymore!! Awesome, what finish did you use?

(Anyone else reading this thread.... please do not turn this into "what finishes are food safe" thread, there are other threads on the forum that go into GREAT detail about that topic. I am just curious in what finish Nick used.)

Anyway.........I love the red in the cedar!

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How thick is it?



I don't think I measured the final thickness, but it's somewhere around 5/16". I just ran it through the planer til it felt right. However, I tapered the leading edge so it can easily slip under a pizza or loaf of bread. I feathered it down to approx 1/16".

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