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I'm going to convert my Performax 16-32 to use hook and loop sandpaper. Before I apply the adhesive backed hook material to the drum I'm thinking I need to give it a good cleaning to make sure the adhesive holds properly. Question is - how to do it?

My initial thought is blow the whole thing out with compressed air (outside wearing a respirator, of course) then vacuum it out and wipe the drum down with a microfiber cloth but I'm wondering if cleaning the drum with either mineral spirits or alcohol after the microfiber cloth would be a good or bad idea. I'd like to get it as clean as possible but do not want to use any cleaning agents or solvents that could damage the drum material. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Much appreciated,


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Hey Allen - I have cleaned up the drums on a couple different sanders to convert to hook & loop or replace the worn out hook & loop.

I cleaned the machine of with a vac and compressed air to keep from contaminating the drums with dust. Then I wiped the drums down with lacquer thinner. This stripped any residual adhesive or potential grease contamination off the drums to insure adhesion.

The lacquer thinner will not harm the machined metal drums.

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