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PC895 Plunge Router... rock and roll

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I have a Porter Cable 895 and am using the plunge base and have the following issues:

1) The 'lock' doesn't feel very positive.

More info: To lock the depth, I push on the lever, but it seem like the 'stop' or end of travel is barely in lock mode. I've tried resetting the lever on the big nut, but then it won't unlock. Is there another adjustment?

2) When plunging the bit rocks slightly so in the end I get a slight dumb-bell shaped slot. Is this normal for this router base? Is there some kind of adjustment to deal with this?


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Do you have the old or new style plunge base? I purchased the old style kit right before the new one came out. They replaced it with the new style under warranty. It is so much more smooth.

Old style -

New style -

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Huh... neither.

Mine looks closer to the 'new style' but with a smaller post on the left (same diameter as the small post), and the vac attachment is on the right behind the post at the base.


I've had the router for a few years, so I doubt the warranty replacement would work.

I'd also assume this is/was an issue that they had to redesign the plunge mechanism.

Also looks like they made some other improvements.

- moved the edge guide bars to the front

- more depth stops

- built in vac capabilities

Thanks for the info.

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