Philadelphia Woodworks: anyone a member?

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I'm really close to joining Philadelphia Woodworks. I'm tired of spending my ship time building ship furniture, maintaining my tools, worrying about dust collection and whether the noise is bothering the neighbors, and trying to shoe-horn my tools into my oddly shaped basement.

If you are a member of Philadelphia Woodworks, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Is it crowded? Can you get to the tool you want without waiting? What's parking like?


--- Chip

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Chip - I'm a member there. I've used the shop a couple times, and I've taken the general shop safety class and the tablesaw safety class. The staff are awesome and the other members have been pretty friendly.

Crowding/waiting - it's not too bad.

I know they're finishing up their second "shop" which is supposed to be for classes exclusively. Really, that's the only thing I've run into - if you're, say, trying to use a tablesaw during the tablesaw safety class, it's going to be hectic. Otherwise, people seem pretty good about not monopolizing a machine (or being smart about usage, at least), and it's never been so crowded that I had to sit completely idle because I ran out of stuff to do.

Parking - I can see it being tight, but I've taken an evening class, a Saturday afternoon class, and had a couple workdays on Friday and Saturday afternoons and always been able to park. It's a shared lot - and they'll let you know where not to park to avoid annoying the other businesses.

The only thing that sucks is that I have to take 676/76 to get there, and it's always a clusterfuck. ALWAYS. I'm coming from the Trenton, NJ area, so you may have a better way to get there.

If you've got any questions, absolutely get in contact with them via the site - the owner is really good about responding to emails.

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That is a very accurate description, the only road I have been on at 3 am and hit a traffic jam, horrible.

I have heard some good things about the shop but it would be about an hour for me to get there, so I haven't as of yet, I believe you can take the classes there , maybe try that before making the investment for the membership. And I think they also have open house days.

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