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Almost all of the pocket hole joinery I have used is hidden from view (face frames), so no need to plug/hide the holes. I am making a project now that I am considering using pocket hole screws for (akward glue up for clamps) where the holes will be somewhat visible (back of project, but visible).

Does anyone have any experience using the pocket hole plugs? Is it just glue the plug in and sand/plane flush?

I have a tapered plug cutter for regular holes/screws, which is great. I am not sure of the performance of the "premade" pocket hole plugs. I called and asked if there was a plug cutter for sale that would cut pocket hole plugs, but such an animal does not exist so I must rely on the pre packaged plugs.

Anyone care to share their experiences?

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I used them for an odd project a while back. The holes would have been visible if the doors were open but you can hardly see the plugs from the angle you are looking at. I'm probably the only one that knows they are there. I did find that it is easier to sand them flush than it was to cut them down with a flush cut saw or chisel plane. I thought i was smarter than the instructions and would get rid of most of the projection before i sanded. It turns out cutting was more of a PITA than sanding. It also may have been the small space i was reaching into also. Just glue, tap in and sand with sanding block when glue is dry.

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