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you know those plastic tubes that are required to go to the bathroom well seems like they should have a milion and one uses. lets see if we can come up with a few for the shop.

my favorite is to cut them at different lengths and use them for lathe tool holders. that way i can see what tools are which and pull out the tools that i need right now. plus it keeps them organized and neat. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pvc+lathe+tool+holders&view=detail&id=3ABD3B97AECD83D90EEDD6822B01C02EE910B792

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I've used PVC pipe to build portable stands and material supports, lightweight truck racking for r/c airplanes, tool dividers, level and straight edge cases, storage racks for pipe, wood, and metal strips and moldings...

PVC rings with sections removed make good springs for feather boards and jigs,

I've also used lengths of 1" pipe, along with golf balls, to move heavy, flat bottomed items on hard surfaced floors, all by myself. Shove a few underneath, move, pick up the items that come out the back, and keep moving. I moved my SawStop ICS pallet from my trailer into my shop, ALONE, like this.

Useful stuff!

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