new woodworker in need of a tip


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whats the best way to fill a slight miscut from a bandsaw blade.... making tight turns is not my forte at this point but i dont want to scrap my piece for a 1/8 missed line.....

just to clarify i was making a tight turn and got off line... backed up and continued on my mark leaving an unwanted kerf needing to be covered somehow

i considered glue and sawdust mix or a glue covered shim of sorts pressed into the slit but i may be way off...


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I have found that the water based wood fillers like Famowood stain better than the solvent based fillers. Make sure to sand off excess glue and filler before you stain.

We all have issues with tight turns on bandsaw cuts. Learn from this and add to your skills in prevention and repairs.

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TRBaker.... thats a great tip... hadnt considered that... thats the kind of things i hope to get from this forum... my uncle is an old cabinet maker however hes also very arrogant so asking questions typically gets me no where so its nice to know i have a place to ask questions and actually receive an answer.. lol

thanks guys

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