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Well it is from Europe, and I think (could be totally off base here of course), they often are more space challenged when it comes to their shops. I do like how the top seems to be built to also be one of those mft's, Not sure I'd want to do a lot of traditional workbench type work on it, but as an assembly table, sanding table, layout table etc. it looks pretty neat.

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That's pretty cool. I think all the platforms for mounting equipment on it are pretty neat, but as mentioned, unless I was really space-challenged I wouldn't want to have to constantly reconfigure for each operation. The idea of the attached tracksaw track is awesome. I'm thinking I might want to try adding that to my assembly table. That would replace about half of what I do on the tablesaw and be a lot safer. Other than the track, I recognize a lot of that hardware from places like Lee Valley. It was interesting that they also threw in an Incra fence in there. And the hand drill with the sanding disk was pretty funny, especially in front of the "wall o green", but of course it also showed just how much you can do with a bit of imagination.

Now that I'm thinking about it, you could also turn that whole thing into a much bigger outfeed table for the table saw, putting the saw in one corner. Oh oh, I feel a shop redesign coming on!

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