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I am in the beginning phase of making a hand tool cabinet. I have most of it mapped out but should I store the the planes horizontal or vertical?

My current plane till is vertical and I like ease to get to them but it does not seem as space efficient. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

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I went with both. I found that joinery planes and shorter bench planes stored most efficiently horizontally but my longer bench planes are best vertical. Ultimately I did a lot of full size drawings and placed my tools on them. I think the key is to always build in space to grow...unless you are done buying tools?!

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I definately will be adding more planes. What planes do you have vertical?

I currently have the following have:

4 1/2




Block Plane – 5 of them

71 Router plane

Medium Shoulder Plane

Rabbet plane

45 Combo Plane

Scrub plane

and maybe a bidding on scraper plane on ebay as well speak.

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==> Anything larger than a #4 is vertical that way I can put my 12" and under planes nose


actually I have the #4 vertical as well... I've got several shoulder planes, router planes, etc... so I need a good sized horizontal shelf directly below the vertical till for those...

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