3/4 inch round over bit

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Are you trying to buy locally? Don't know if there is a woodcraft or Rockler near you, but you can order online. They're not the cheapest things in the world, but not horribly expensive.

The quadracut bits here are nice:

Also, a search of the net will turn up several good router bit manufacturers that you can order from.

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I got a 1/2" shank 3/4" Bosch Round-over-bit at my local Menards on sale for under 30 bucks. I think the regular price is like 35. The Bosch bits are okay. I think the Lowe's 20 miles from my house carries Frued.

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I have several Whiteside round over bits and that is a good price as well. They do a good job and last.

If I was going to do high volume production type routing I would use the more expensive Freud Quadra Cut bits. They leave a cleaner surface that needs less sanding.

One thing I have learned with big round over bits watch out for tearout if you try to take the full profile all at once. You might want to take it in 2 or 3 steps, depending on what wood you are cutting. I have set up multiple routers with graduated bits and saved some time, but I was finishing with a 1 1/2" radius round over bit ( 4 passes turns a 4x4 into a giant dowel! )

Hope this helps.

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I'd seriously recommend the Freud quadra cut. I just used mine this week to mill 90 feet of 3/4" mahogany quarter round. Worked like a charm. No tear out and all done in one pass. It wasn't cheap but it cut like a dream in my opinion.

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