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The app could use some navigational controls inside the individual features. In particular, using the app to browse the Woodtalk forums is difficult. If you view a post via the app, the "Back" button throws you back to the app's main menu, not back up a level on Woodtalk. It's much easier to just browse the forums in Safari.

I am also experiencing a fair number of crashes. Don't know what else to call them. I'll be in the app and select a feature and then get dumped back into my iPad's main screen. Happens every few uses.


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Hey Adam. There actually are navigational controls inside things like the forum. They are just subtle. When you go a few pages in, look at the bottom of the app and you'll see a couple of forward and back arrows in the black bar. This will move you forward and back through the pages within the forum. The Back button at the top of the app will always take you back to the top menu of the app itself, so only click that when you are finished with your browsing session.

As for the crashes, I'll let Nicole know and see what we can do about it. We'll check the crash reports.

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