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I built the crib from Basically Jim over there took a plan from Rockler and expounded on it and simplified a lot of the instructions. He also developed a jig to get each spindle to come out identical. Since there's 57 spindles in the crib this is particularly useful. He's also done a lot of the required research for you as far as safety and where to source some of the hardware.

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Wow, I wish I had seen before. I built the original 3 in 1 plans from Rockler, and in short they are crap. (in fact, I don't believe Rockler sells it anymore). The 3 in 1 design looks great, but there are also simpler designs to use. Cutting the fifty-some-odd spindles was time consuming, even with the jig. I was concerned about the baby eventually spinning the spindles, plus I had a tough time turning the end of the spindles into pegs (even with the jig) so I just cut mortises to fit the square ends into. So far it has worked fine.

I second that this will be a rewarding build. People have expressed concern that a home woodworker cannot possibly build something safe enough, to which I conclude that I'm the most rigorous QA and safety agent when it comes to my daughter. (Well, second to my wife maybe ) Best of luck on the design and build!

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