Gorilla Glue - polyurethane glue

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So I am making a new drill press table... went to the store and got some white laminate. I had contact cement on the list but I forgot to buy it.

So I used gorilla glue's polyurethane... idk it if it will bond or what but it was sunday and the store was closed. I am noticing it is expanding and possibly separating at spots...if it doesn't work I will go buy some contact cement.

Will it work? did I waste my time and money?

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I think I would have waited for the contact cement. Now my experience with gorilla glue poly has always been good it glues many different kinds of things together, if you were going to glue plastic laminate to a substrait You would have to have it clamped securely otherwise the gorilla glue would foam up, and lift the laminate. Hopefully you can separate the laminate, and clean it up, but I dout it I think your back to square one.

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