Router Bit Selection for picture frame?

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I am looking to make one for my wife as well. I am going arts and crafts because the art work is from the time period when arts and crafts was making its mark. So I would try and match the profile to what ever is going to be displayed. Also check out eagle America's Key hole bit. I got it last year as part of a guild discount purchase I made! It works well!

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Seems like a crown molding bit wouldn't be the right choice. Sure you run the profile on a flat face, but doesn't seem like it would look correct flat like for the frame.

In the past, I've made frames with half the frame (rail or stile) beveled either straight (usually by table saw) or coved (with a coving router bit). The other half becomes decorative with a fluting/reeding bit or passes with a molding plane (ewwww, who does that?!)

Depending on where you're at (US?) stores like Rockler might still have some bits on clearance. I got several last year for next to nothing. A "door edge" or "table thumbnail" bit doesn't have to be used for the labeled purpose as you can build up the profile you want for your frame using different parts of existing profiles. In a way, that's much more fun. You definitely have to think about how to build it up. Honestly you can get a bunch of those "other profiles" for the price of a decent crown bit that you will likely use for one or two frames then store; they are typically pretty pricey. The others let you compose plus you might actually want a door edge someday.

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Going to make some picture frames for Christmas for family members.....Want to do a nice decorative style you guys go for a crown moulding style bit or what are recommendations for this?

I bought these last year and have not used them yet but this looks like exactly what you are looking for.

Freud Picture frame set

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