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You might have noticed that there are several folks in the forum who have the Mentor tag under their name. This is a tag that designates the person as a knowledgable and trusted resource. By no means does this indicate that members without the tag are not to be trusted. Quite the opposite, in fact, as we have a smart bunch of woodworkers here. But Mentors not only know what they're talking about, they also tend be very friendly and they go above and beyond to help a fellow woodworker get the answers they need.

Know anyone like that? If you feel a particular person in this forum is deserving of the Mentor tag, please feel free to Nominate them in this thread. 


IMPORTANT RULE (please read!)


1 - Do not nominate someone more than once! If you see your nominee's name is already posted, simply click the Like This button at the bottom right of the post. This will make it much easier for me to gauge how many people agree with a particular nomination.


Please keep in mind you are not "voting" and this is not meant to be a popularity contest. Final decisions will be made by the Admins and Mods. 



A note to nominees - 

Being a Mentor brings no additional responsibilities or benefits, other than access to a private Mentor's room in the forum. If you do not want the tag, that's perfectly fine. If you would like your name removed from the nomination list, simply Private Message me and I'll take care of it.


Thanks everyone and have a great week! 

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wdwerker has helped me a bit, boatworks helped me with finishes and some bending, rob horton, trbaker,Vic, jhop, dcustomes has helped me in person, ct proctor was nice enough to let me come use his shop to build my bench when i had no shop.


 damn marc this post is not fair there are too many good people on here.


but lawrence has taken time to walk me though the programing of the carvewrite when i was thinking of buying it.  he took the time to make a video lecture on how the program works and the system

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I would also like to nominate G S Haydon. He doesn't have many posts but he has been very active as of late and has given great advice from both a professional and hobbyist viewpoint.

Thanks RJ, I am flattered. However I think I need to be around for a while before I get that title. +1 on Chris Wong. I follow him on twitter and he is a real pro. Look forward to seeing your finished workbench RJ. 

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==> I'd like to put Triple H on the list (hhh)


Thanks for the nod.. Appreciated… Do you want payment in Genuine Mahogany or West Systems hardener?

As a side note, watched your video on varnish over West Systems.  We just completed an outdoor set in mahogany.  We substituted CPES (2 coats) for 206 under the the varnish (5 coats).  It’s a really nice result.  The technique must be amazing on something like an original Chris Craft.  I've got a vintage sailing dinghy (1946) that needs tons of work and this may be the way to go.  Thanks again for the video…  

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