Table saw motor started spinning extremly fast


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This issue happened to me over the weekend. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to the saw. I was cutting and then it all started... It went from regular speed to extreme high RPM. I turned it off. I could smell burnt odor ... I left it alone to cool off a bit, turn it back on, same high speed at power on. Turned off again, waited longer, turn on again, then it was fine for a few minutes and went back to high speed after. Didn't touch it since.

Have it ever happened to anyone of you?

I had a dado stack blade 1/4 inch... that I've used numerous times before. Been I bought the table not even a year ago. Shop it in my shed.

I suspect humidity, it rained 2-3 days in a row.. is it possible? I have not check electricity.

I might have to bring it in for repair... It's a direct drive ( no belt... )

thanks for your input

- Eric

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Model is Ridgid R4510.

It's a slow start motor, the table had been running for a few minutes ( 3-4 mins) already at regular speed, and as I was cutting it ramped up. When it did it again, there was no wood piece.

It didn't smell like wood burning no.

I will try to contact ridgid, but I have a little problem... I couldn't get the registration card in time because of family problems... so.. no lifetime warranty for me... wich SUCKS real bad!


- ERic

- Eric

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