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    • Well I'd check 2 places. The finish company might suggest a tip for best application. Second Fuji will probably be able to tell you yes or no. My guess is yes. First Pressure doesn't mean as much as some people think. 40 psi through a 1/4" line could be a LOT less air than 12 psi through a 5/8" line. Fluid dynamics with compressible fluids becomes tricky so your gut reaction my be right but may not be, best to consult the pros. The tip size can give you a clue if it calls for a tip size fuji doesn't make that'd be a red flag.
    • My first order is forth coming.
    • After all four legs were fitted, I did as much preliminary sculpting with the bandsaw as I could then glued them up. At this point, I had already made and fitted two arms (pre glue up). They were a nice fit and had quite a bit of sculpting already competed. After the glue up I went to fit the arms back on, and this happened. Somehow during the glue up I pulled one of the rear legs slightly out of it’s original alignment, so the arms no longer fit. I came up with a few different ways of fixing the issue, including making a wedge and planing some material away. But I knew whatever I did I wouldn’t be completely happy with, so I started over again and made new arms. The second set of arms blanks. At least I had a bit of practice.... the second set of arms turned out better than the first set, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. The arms glued up. I guess I could have sculpted more material before I glued up, but I wanted to see how they looked in proportion to the rest of the chair.  I was aiming for thinner looking arms, and I think I got the look I was after. Still a bit of rasp and scraper work to do, but I’m on my way. Concurrently I was doing other work on the chair like removing excess material from around the legs, finessing the front curves etc.  I also added the Festool RAS 115 to my arsenal of sanders. I must say, I absolutely love it. The galahad wheels are excellent, but they throw around quite a bit of dust. The RAS collects around 70%, with the remainder just falling at my feet where I’m working.   
    • Results from the glue up are promising. I was able to move the case around and have leaned on it with more force than it should ever get in use and it was very sturdy and i didn't hear any cracking or other issues. Tonight i spent WAY more time than i wanted to applying stain to the entier piece and my shop STINKS. I wanted to use the same stain as the other furniture in the bedroom so Minwax provincial is what i used despite never wanting to use oil based stain again... I've started construction for the other shelf unit as well and should have that one finished in the next couple weeks.
    • Update: used varathane premium wood conditioner on top of the whole facade which was already stained took care of it for the most part not 100% but pretty well, few spots still was blotchy will try applying a lil more. I was able to rub a lot of the stain on some spots off practically down to the bare maple veneer, don't no how that was possible maybe the glue resin only absorbed  a lite layer. thx all
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