Crook Neck Preference / Source?


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I use a crook (or bent) neck chisel for cleaning up squeeze out along perpendicular joints.
I use it sort of like so in a slicing motion (sorry about the blurry photo).
That being said, the one I have is 3/8" and I am looking for a wider one. A 1" is probably about right. A shorter one would be nice too; sort of like a combination between a crook neck and a butt. What say the brain-trust? Sources, favorites, experiences? TIA.


P.s. My thumb is not missing . . . it's just the pic ;-)

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I have a bull nose which works well as a chisel plane.  The task I am working with requires something longer and narrower but, not too narrow.  I'm going to give the 1" Narex a shot along with the 3/8" I already have . . . maybe it is a 1/2".  I'll check and report back after the Narex shows up.  Thanks to all !

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On 6/11/2024 at 6:10 PM, wtnhighlander said:

@gee-dub, there are many tasks that a chisel with sn offset handle seem better suited for. How do you like the single bend of the Narex as compared to the more L- shaped shank of other brands, that puts the grip in a plane parallel to the blade? I have no experience with either.

I use the chisel a lot like one would use a chisel plane but for tasks where the longer reach is an advantage.  The angled handle seems to let me put forward and downward force on the tool pretty effectively.  I also have long paring chisels for paring tasks like leveling plugs or joinery that are proud of a large reference surface area like a drawer side or cabinet top.  I can't speak to the "L" shaped bends but I imagine there are places where that makes sense.

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