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    • I think this skill is the biggest thing that differentiates fine woodworking from woodworking.
    • That's great to hear Tom.  Little by little we are hearing stories like this starting to take place.
    • ha ha I think the patience is the skill! 
    • I'm really excited to work with the Sycamore, unfortunately do not have a plan for it yet but I'm sure I'll find something.  The walnut is for my mom's new dining table that she's been wanting for about 15 years now .  The hickory will be some new shelving for her laundry room (still working out the details for this), and the spalted material is going to be used in some new living room furniture for my living room.  Should be a very busy summer none the less
    • Thanks to vaccines, we had our first family get together last night, for Mother's Day.  We haven't seen our Son, now 38, since Thanksgiving of 2019, the last family get together.  We had only seen, from a safe distance, our Daughter, now 32, once a number of months ago. With everyone vaccinated now, it seemed safe enough for all of us to be fairly close to my Mother, who is now 105. It was Great, and my Mom really enjoyed it.   We don't really have a Dining Room, but converted Pam's fiber room.  The weather was so perfect, that we had the windows in the house open, and there was an amazingly comfortable light breeze blowing through the house. We would not have even thought about doing that had everyone not been fully vaccinated.
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