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    • I know some people are probably tired of this thread so I apologize. To be honest all these are great ideas and I appreciate them. Issue is floor space and lack of. Yes I can redesign the current table to fit my space which is going to require just about a complete teardown so I figure I can just rebuild the same table minus a few things plus make it to the size I want. This table design and build I found online and then tweaked it a bit. The original build had a router lift in it and not a miter saw. I would find it just as easy to make another one if I could leave this one together and get rid of it.  Other thing is I would love to find someone who was in the same boat as me. Wanting to find a saw in a table but couldn't. I have 2 miter saws both Dewalt, my wife just bought me the smaller 20v one for Christmas, and I had the big 12" 120V Dewalt but that thing is just overkill and to much to take on and off the table but I don't want to get rid of it. I will say this, I cut through 4x4 and 2x6 along with deck boards while putting our new deck on and I replaced batteries 1 time. Used them almost all day before they ran out.  If I did take the top off which would be easy to do (the top 3/4" sheet is screwed on from the underside - no glue) and the bottom 3/4" sheet is screwed on to 2x4 framing, the middle partition, and the 4x4 legs. I thought about cutting it down right at the middle 4x4 legs and then putting the locking casters on there. I could cut the 4x4 legs down a smidge and do exactly as you said use it as an outfeed table but also have some workspace as well. What would really be slick is if had something that fit under the expansion table when not in use but when I pulled everything out I could jack it up just like the saw base...wheels are turning...
    • I believe pre-cutting to 45* would be wasted effort when following with a locked miter bit set. The bits need some material outside the 45* line to form the tongue & groove for locking.
    • Purchase maple crown. Oak will never look like maple, no matter how hard you try to match. You might bet the colors close, but the texture / grain structure will give it away. 
    • Rethinking this, I would definitely sell the saw separate, you just bought a new SS.  I would keep for an outfeed table and miter saw station.  I don't know how hard it would be to modify.  If it is to hard, you should have everything you need to build a top notch outfeed table.
    • Working on a project with maple hardwood. Need a crown molding. Found an oak one and did a sample staining but it stained much darker. Any suggestions to reduce the stain absorption would be appreciated. Only need about 10 ft and oak is easily available and acceptable or do I need to purchase maple crown?
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