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    • Starlings and hawks are the biggest menace to our martins. There’s nothing I can do about the hawks. But I just built this for the starlings. He enters the hole from one side and immediately goes into the black can. It has a counterweight that allows it to drop down and out a hole in the other side, into a pvc elbow and down the chute to a cage. Works pretty good.
    • Finally got some shop time yesterday and make progress on the in feed table. A got a couple of clamps and also some adhesive silicon pad. Building on the advice from wtnhighlander and Mark J, I replaced the small pads on the clamps with larger ones, with the silicon attached. My conclusion is this was overkill, with this much surface area on the clamp heads combined with the silicon, it takes only a tiny amount of clamping force to hold the extension in place. I'm sure one would have sufficed. And while I tried to allow the bolts to spin so I could adjust the clamping pressure with the clamps in place, it didn't really work, so I had to unscrew the clamps to adjust them, which fortunately I only had to do a couple times to dial them in. Another lesson learned - in between the clamps, the brackets, stuff on my fence, and the miter dado, there is a lot going on and space gets tight. I should have laid it out more carefully. I ended up having to shift one clamp because its screw protruded into the miter dado and had to cut a notch in the clamp head to make it work. Final result with some of the finishing touches done. Going to try it for a while and then decide if it's a prototype or good enough.
    • Any preliminary design sketches you can share?
    • I don't think your expectations are unreasonable. 
    • Here is my main cleaning tool for between the tiles.  Plastic knives with serrated edges.  Sometimes it was hard to find white ones.  Black ones can leave markoff marks.  Finally, after decades of shopping in grocery stores, sometimes having to go to more than one, I thought to order a box of 1,000 clear ones.  It takes a big handful to do a shower floor because the teeth wear off. The thinset needs to be set up enough so it doesn't smear, but not too hard to easily dig out.  It's not as bad as it sounds, but is more work than not having to do it.  
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