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    • Some from my property, other logs from our family farm, and still others that I got leads on and milled. A lot of my patients know I do this and I've gotten quite a few logs from them also. The canned gas has no ethanol and is stable. I still try and run the saws a few times throughout the year, just start them and run for a minute or two. For milling I usually mix my fuel at 32/1 gas to oil, I can get 40/1 in the can. Watch running wet logs on your bandsaw, I've had some problems with that. The dust collection has trouble with the wet heavy sawdust.
    • Not today, but the past two days, I went back to work in the rental house.  I decided I'd spend the rest of this Summer working in air conditioning. I had quit working on it, the second week in February, when we started our own quarantine, and I laid my helper off.  I've grown to like working by myself better anyway.  With the virus, we really didn't want to get into dealing with groups through this season anyway, so I had lost my motivation to get it done quickly. The doorway into the bedroom that I put the handicap shower in was enlarged to a 3' door.   That took most of a day because I didn't want to make a mess in the house, and everything had three times as many oversized nails in it, than it really needed.  Then I went back to putting the vinyl plank down. Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank goes along fairly well, but it's a lot of work for one person.  Each piece requires getting up, and down from the floor multiple times sometimes. I have the hard part behind me, fitting it into four doorways down a hallway, ending in a curved wall, fitted flush with a slate floor at some weird angle, and ending against a stone chimney.  The toolboxes are stacked there to hold the glued down ends of the flooring just right with the adjoining slate floor surface, and to help me remember not to step on it until it cures. Last night, I told Pam that I was unusually tired.  I said that it wasn't really Hard work, but was very tiring.  She said, "You do realize you're 70 years old now."  I said I thought my young girlfriends were keeping me young.  She said, "You WIsh." The house has so much wood in it, that we didn't really want woodgrain for the floor, but couldn't find anything else that the color went along with it.  Everything currently in fashion is mostly gray, but this house is all warm tones.  I wouldn't want this in a house we live in, but it looks like it will be good stuff for a lake rental house.  
    • i wasn't hungry till i saw your post, nice job Mick!
    • The last Cypress shingle job we did, we used 10,000 lineal feet of boards.  My 70 year old back is not going to quarter that many logs with a chainsaw, any kind of way.  I can't buy the boards quartersawn.  If we do another one, I want to saw the boards like I want them sawn.   I have one small job in mind, for my boathouse, that won't take anything like that amount of wood, but still won't be milling with a chainsaw. I had a chainsaw mill, back in the '80's, with two large motors.  I sold it because anytime I ever had logs big enough to be worth the trouble, the people who owned the logs always wanted to keep the best slabs, and I never could figure that it was worth the work.
    • I smoked a pork shoulder yesterday and let it rest overnight. Today I'm making a green chile stew using some very fresh Hatch green chiles I roasted and peeled. Gonna be great for dinner tomorrow!
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