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    • My suggestion is to fill the nail holes with slow set (1 hour) epoxy appropriate for wood and metal.  Then reassemble with the nails before the adhesive sets up.  You'll need to figure out a method to hold everything together while it cures.  You'll also need to deal with the excess epoxy that may squeeze out. Some epoxy between the bars and base might enhance the hold, but @wtnhighlander's idea of twine or leather lashing is a very good idea and would be appropriate for the piece.
    • I agree with the above with this ad ded thought.  I have seen fine old pices of furniture where, if you lok at the right angle   wyou can wee that the surface was finished with a plane and scraper,  This is not to say that you need to settle for visible plane ro scraper marks if you don't want them but in this age of machine made everything, sometimes we forget that surfaces way back when were less that perfect.  Some inor imperfections say that " this was handmade."
    • I guess I never thought about that but it makes sense. The Klingspor discs have more holes then I need but work great although I have never done a side by side comparison to discs with the proper number of holes
    • I bought the one from Oneida and it works great in fact I just emptied the bag a week or two ago, the first time in 2 years LOL. They are pretty proud of it though @$300 so a home grown solution may be the way to go.
    • I know pretty crazy considering I told my wife 6-9 months  Having said that I am very happy that I came in under less than a $1000 over budget which which was $17K below the lowest bid and the bids did not include any theater chairs or AV equipment which was nearly $19K. On top of that it's been done the way I want with few compromises and I was able to change things on the fly as desired. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to be done but we are very happy with the results and I'm more then proud to put my name on the work I have done   As always the bonus was learning new skills along the way: Understanding sound proofing and room isolation Constructing and drywalling curved surfaces Pouring epoxy countertops Working with LED lighting Painting doors and trim with an HVLP system Now I am sooo close to getting back to making furniture I was even thinking about making a run to a new lumber yard in sothern MN to see if I can get some lumber for the spectator chairs and a couple of small bar stools one behind the bar and one by the drink shelf for when we are playing darts. This thread should be a wrap fairly soon heading out to put the top coat on the vanity now...
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