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    • Just looked up some new cars and the ones I looked up are all 15-20% up from when I had last looked. Quickly talked to my buddy who said they have no clue when things will get better. They keep thinking it can't get worse and then news comes out and it does.
    • When i saw 2 extra that'd put us down to 1 vehicle, Megan works from home. It would defiantly cramp our feeling of freedom but she drives maybe 500 miles a year. The risk is being able to make money off of the matter, If it's less than profit it's not worth it to loose the freedom and reliability. I've said countless times the peace of mind having a spare vehicle, even if it's a $500 junk beater is such a nice luxury it's hard to understand. There is never any vehicle stress. If you need to sell and buy there is no immediate pressure so you can get what you want for the price you want. A car breaks and needs a fix, no sweat take your backup. I would drive the junker daily and then save the nice vehicle for when the junker needs fixing. I loved driving a junker. Never had to worry about door dings, scratches, potholes etc. Just drive and not care. Don't have to get upset when you spill your lunch on your lap. Some one bumps you at a stop light... what ever just blends in to the other scratches.
    • Drew, it seems like the risk would be minimal for you, having other vehicles to drive. I doubt this market will last long, although new vehicle prices will probably not return to 2019 levels.
    • I feel like most of the shortages (not just cars, all sorts of electronic gear) aren't to blame on lack of "chips" specifically. I have yet to hear of any particular chip type that is in short supply, and there are chip mfg.s all over the globe. General supply chain hiccups, and a surge in demand following the pandemic slowdown seem more likely to me.
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