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I am not sure Kentucky really falls into the "SouthEast US" category, but here I am.

I am retired, 64,  single, and enjoying life.  I have two home hobby shops packed with tools and machines.  Unfortunately, I have more money than energy, so I have been struggling with forcing myself to get out there and just start making ... something!  

My focus at the moment is Halloween.  I have sort of volunteered (more accurately, BEEN volunteered)  to assist in making haunted house props, and it is challenging.  Tombstones that move, floating books, and facades for AtmosFX projected zombies, spiders, and such.  This year we are going to try to follow the Disney Haunted Mansion theme, complete with the floating Madam Leota head, and other special effects.  We are crafty guys, but we don't have Elon Musk's money.




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I tend to try a lot of things that don't work.  But I like to think outside of the box.  So once in a while, I can make something work, while everyone told me it wasn't possible.

I am not a woodworker, in that I could never build a beautiful guitar, or a piano, or a grandfather clock.  Most of my experience with wood has been more along the lines of custom redwood decks, patio covers, things that can have a 1/4" error here and there, and still LOOK good!  I really admire people who can patiently work on a project like you guys do.  I have thought about taking a woodworker's community college course, but I would probably fail, because I just cannot seem to finish A before I move on to B.  Then C comes along, and I don't know if A will ever be finished. 


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