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Staining maple a weathered gray

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June 27, 2011 - 8:18 pm Reply

We are trying to stain a maple bar counter in our restaurant to have a weathered, gray look. Does anyone know how we can do that? It was stained a cherry color, so we sanded off the stain to the original light colored wood. We will also have to protect it from all the wiping and spilling that happens on restaurant counters, but we still want it to have that natural weathered gray look. Any advice? I asked the woodwhisperer and he said that there is a two part clear solution that chemically reacts with wood to make it gray. Any body know what the name is or have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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      Real nice looking.
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      I posted some time back that I was having troubles getting a straight rip from my Ryobi 4510.  I think it was a combination of no infeed/outfeed tables, me working alone, ripping a full sheet of plywood the long way, and a maybe 22" of fence.  Yeah I know, with all that going for me how could I have screwed it up?! There are some ways to put even a full size bessey on here, lots of plans/ideas on the Interwebz.  I was looking for something a little less high tech to start with.  I thought if I could get a piece of extruded aluminum, straight of course, and clamped it on there - it would be a pretty good fill-in. Am I way off base?
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      The link was to a Facebook video - sorry it didn't show up on mobile! This should work better. As for the creepy detective music, it sounded slow, low-pitched, and snail-y, I guess, haha! :) The snail design was a commissioned decision. My uncle wanted a snail-shaped box for my aunt for Christmas, so I got money and that was the extent of the specifications for the box. I decided to be a bit more representational than your typical silhouette bandsaw box, and went for a full 3D head on the snail. I did most of the sculpting with my bandsaw, tilting the work surface and cutting away the larger chunks. I then smoothed it out by putting my random orbital sander into a bench clamp and working the head on some 80-grit paper at full speed. Here's a picture of it earlier on: And here's the roughly-sculpted head, after the bandsaw but before the sander: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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