A Craftsman's Legacy on Amazon Prime

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If you have Amazon Prime there is a season of 24 minute long shows under the title "A Craftsman's Legacy"

The host of the show is Eric Gorges and there are a couple of shows in Season 1 related to woodworking. There is one in particular of interest to you budding luthiers. Brian Galloup builds guitars and runs a school to teach others the craft of guitar making. Host Eric Gorges visits the school and learns what it takes to build a guitar from scratch. They discuss topics such as the tonal properties of wood, steam bending and key steps of guitar building.

I've watched this and Brian shows a few of his jigs and fixtures (some made from 2x4s) that speed up the process. He also expertly hand carves a neck profile with a chisel, spokeshave and a mini flexible draw knife.

Look for episode 3. The Guitar Maker on season 1.

On episode 1 The Woodworker - John Wilson is a writer, a teacher and a woodworker. Host Eric Gorges visits John at his home shop and learns how to make a shoulder plane. Eric learns the history of shop made tools, how to home temper tool-steel and the importance of salt in the wood shop. (Don't ask me what that is about as I've not watched that one yet)

If you have Prime the entire season is free to watch. 

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