Proper Spar Urethane Appearance


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Hello friends. So, I've been finishing a butcherblock table, wanting a nice appearance as well as durability. I've already poured the 2-part epoxy, and I'm on the poly, but my spar urethane has an odd appearance: it is separated into 2 layers, the top clear and dark, the bottom milky. I did pour some leftover poly, cut with mineral spirits, back in the can, so I would imagine that is what caused it. What I'd like to know is why, and is it still usable, or do I need to toss it? I bought a new can, to be safe (Rustoleum Oil-based Spar Urethane - ), but its appearance is milky as well. You can see in the pic, the brand new can is to the left, the old, mixed/separated one to theFLSPERWKUCXR6WS.jpg?auto=webp&frame=1&md right. Is this natural? Still usable? Anything I need to do to it? I should add, I'm in Florida, so my garage/workshop stays warm, 70's to 80's F. Thanks,Easy

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