Dialing in this paint gun (w/ pics)

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I'm learning to use this new gravity fed HVLP paint gun and I'm afraid I didn't thin my paint down enough for my first test run.  You can see the cheapo paint gun I got myself from Amazon in the pic.  Don't worry, the inside is cleaner than the outside.  I thinned down some Killz 3 using about 5% water and load it into the cup (still about the same viscosity though), set the regulator to 22 lbs dynamic pressure (the pressure reading when the trigger is open), and start spraying.  The trigger rod (as I'll call it) is dialed all the way back so the trigger goes full open and the fan adjustment knob on the side is about at half.  So I go to spray the Killz and this is all I get (pic).  I adjusted the fan knob through it's entire range, all the way small to all the way fanned out, same spitting pattern.  Basically I try all adjustments on the gun and can't get anything other than the same spit pattern.  So last thing I try is upping the pressure at the regulator, and still the exact same pattern.

Does this mean my paint is simply too thick and I need to thin it down more?

paint gun.JPG

paint spray wall.JPG

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Go to Harbor Freight and go buy that $14.99 gun and buy a box of filters. This will solve many of your problems and it'll be easier to dial the gun in and most likely won't even need to think the paint down.




Sorry it's $15.99 



Edit: Again

I spray at 40-60 psi .. but rarely under 40 psi. If you spray above 40 not spray to close to your piece or the air will fan put and not lay even .. 

Fan knob.. screw all the way in and usually back it off half turn..

Paint feed knob ... hold trigger in and screw the knob in all the way till it stops.. then unscrew it about a turn and a half..

Hope this helps my friend 

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I'm new to it myself and it's been a lot of trials and errors. BUT .

It still beats the hell out of painting with a brush. Even if I've had to sand a work piece 3x    

I learned from those mistakes.

Best of luck and you need advice or maybe share from some lessons you've learned yourself .


But go to Harbor freight soon.. a lot of their spray guns are on clearance.


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