Dust Collection FAIL? Or Expectations FAIL?


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Can't see the plug but know its there when chips start flying.

Definitely unplug the jointer before reaching up into it. You'll have to reach really far up to reach the plug. You may have to take the back off it to get to it.

Unplug. Check. I knew that one! :)

So how does having the back off help me get to it, if I'm coming at it from the dust port? Peering in from the back, there doesn't seem to be any access to the area around the cutters... Maybe I could run the (smaller) dust vac hose up there via the dust port? Clear it that way?

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I have the same Delta jointer and have to really watch for plugs. When a plug occurs it causes chips to be thrown from the table. Unplugging is a PITA. I have to reach way up into the jointer from the dust port and pull it out. :angry: It usually happens when I plane the face of boards >4".

OK, wow, it's like having a new jointer. It was indeed a logjam up around the cutter area... totally invisible to the naked eye, but with the shroud off, I could JUST touch it with the tips of my fingers coming up the dust chute... after alternately poking it with a stick and running the shop vac up there, I finally cleared it... no more chips shooting out the front of the jointer, woohoo! :D

So a big THANK YOU to everyone for their suggestions... lots to think about... cheers.

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