Where to buy wood in Northern Utah


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Hi everyone, 


    Is anyone else on the forum from Northern Utah? I'm just starting my woodworking journey and have attempted a few pieces (spice rack, storage headboard) that fit perfectly in the "Glad I made it so I could learn and practice, but it's a good thing it wasn't for a customer" category. One issue that adds significantly to this low-quality besides my skills is that I can't find quality lumber that I can afford.


   There's Home Depot, which has disappointed me with their oak plywood that tears out huge chunks and there's MacBeath's Hardwood which is far away for me (I'm in Kaysville) and charges 4 times as much for their plywood. Does anyone know of other places to buy quality plywood and/or non-ply hardwood?   Does Stock building supply sell anything good for a reasonable price? 




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I can see it's been awhile since your post... so this may be moot, but.... MacBeth's is in SLC isn't it?  Not too far from Kaysville.  You may also want to see if there is an Intermountain Hardwoods close by.... I live in Idaho and a lot of our material comes from down by you. Otherwise I'm traveling 4 1/2 hours to Helena MT or 5 hours to Boise for quality hardwood.   As for the price... don't even try to compare home center pricing with quality product.   Quality is a lot like oats... if you want fresh oats, ya gotta pay for 'em... if you don't mind oats that have been through the horse, those are a lot cheaper :)  plan on $75 for a good sheet of plywood.


Best of Luck



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