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Hi all,

As a new woodworker, completely unable to find any relevant woodworking courses in Cardiff (or Pontypridd, where I live), and I'm struggling to find any clubs for general woodworking in my area. So, I'm prepared to put up, not shut up, and start a club.

I imagine a club could meet regularly, to share ideas, skills, show of projects and provide advice to newbies like me. I'm a general interest woodworker myself and would welcome general woodworking, scrollsawing, carving, turning and anything of woody interest!

BUT, I need help!

To start a club I'd need some interested members, and would ask anyone in this forum:

1. If you are in South Wales are you interested in joining / helping me to form a club?

2. Does anyone in the forum have any ideas / advice about starting a club? (could we have guest speakers / lessons / what are the logistics / any problems / issues etc.).

3. Can anyone recommend venues where the club could meet? (I'm thinking colleges / schools with woodshops etc.)

Please post in this thread or PM if interested.

Merry Christmas!

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I don't think there are all that many European woodworkers on this site, jadboog, let alone English or Welsh. You might have more luck asking in a more local forum. I can't recommend any, because I'm not a member, but a quick search came up with:





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I'm in London so wales is bit far for me now

didn't used to be when I used to fly from th sw wales paragliding sites near you though.

I have found some of the courses run by Axminster to be very useful to learn about particular areas, but you have, in the guild, one heck of a resource for learning and answers to questions. a virtual club if you like!

have you built along with any of the guild builds yet?


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