Join us for a Private "Behind the Velvet Ropes" tour at the Gamble House FRIDAY

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Hello, fine peoples,

I have a private "Behind the Velvet Ropes" tour of the Gamble House (Pasadena) scheduled tomorrow morning (Friday November 18 @ 9 am). This is short notice. If you are in the area and would like to join us, please do. I have 5 vacant spots so you will want to email (not PM!) me if you want to go; I'll reply as soon as I get the email (you see, I'll be driving to LA so there might be a delay, but I'll watch for it!)

Send me email with the "send email" button under my avatar.

It is a 2-hour tour of many parts of the Gamble House you can't see on the public tour plus they take you inside the rooms instead of, uhm, keeping you behind the rope. Should prove interesting and you'll be going with woodworkers. In fact, the lady at the Gamble House specifically picked a docent for the tour who knows more about the woodworking and joinery aspects.

Cost of the tour is $35/person

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Oh man, some day. Looking forward to seeing your reactions. Any chance you got to film any of it?

We actually did two tours. On Saturday we took the 3 hour joinery tour with Jim Ipekjian. What a blast!

Unfortunately, they don't allow any photography whatsoever, and they're very strict about it. However, I did grab a few shots which I'll post later.

We're off to Sam Maloof's house today.

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