Help! Used interior minwax stain on an outdoor project :-(

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I am restoring a 100 year old church pew. I stripped it, sanded it, and applied minwax pre-stain and minwax oil based provincial stain and over the last three days, 2 coats of spar urethane. All this BEFORE I realized the minwax products are for interior use only!!!!!!!! This morning I applied the 2nd coat of spar urethane when I noticed about 15 blisters on the end of the bench that was in the direct sun. 


Can someone on this forum give me some advice? Should I just stop right now and get out my heat gun to remove what I've already applied, start all over with a stain suitable for outside?


I'm very upset to have put all this work in and only made MORE work for myself. I wish I had been more careful. 


No need dwelling on the goof though. Just trying to regroup and do it right. Mostly I want to protect the antique wood. The bench is pine which I know is not optimal for outside but I'll have it on a patio and will put about 5 coats of spar on it. 


Thanks for any help anyone can give me. post-15812-0-64818000-1404842705_thumb.jpost-15812-0-02241100-1404842714_thumb.j

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if it is going to mostly be protected i think i would just try to repair the spots that got damaged with outdoor grade material and then continue with spar varnish/urethane.

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Most oil based varnishes that are 'satin finish' do not have any UV blockers / filters (which is why they're intended for interior use only).  All exterior grade varnish will be a high gloss.  Exterior varnish works in a couple ways; uv blockers and inhibitors that are part of the mix, but also it's ability to reflect / deflect the suns rays so the blockers / absorbers don't have to do all the work :).  High gloss surfaces do this the best.


I'm afraid the issue you're running into isn't with the stain, but solely the finish. 


If you want to have a semi / satin appearance what you'll need to do is remove the existing finish and do all the new build up with a high gloss varnish 4-5 coats minimum).  On the last coat or two (coats 5-6) then use a semi / satin finish for the dulled appearance.  You'll get the best of both worlds..

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I ran into the same problem with my outdoor front wood steps using mini wax noticing too late it was interior stain.  Can I use a varnish to protect and make it work and if so what would be the best to use, high gloss?   I would hate to have to pressure wash it all or sand it.  Got exterior paint but forgot to check the stain for exterior use.  Not happy.

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