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What insulation media? If fiberglass, that is notorious if sheathing was not caulked to studding and if the bat was not split around the wires etc. If blown fiber, the wires and boxes can trap fiber and cause voids on the under side of the box. They make gaskets that can go under the cover plate but that is a patch and not a true long term solution.

The upside is that you know your windows and doors are sealed.

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The makeup air has to come from somewhere, for every amount of air blown out, and equal amount needs to come in.

+1 to what C S said above - outlets are a notorious source of air leaks because of how the insulation is installed. You can get the foam inserts to install under the wall plate to help with it drafts - but again, the makeup air needs to come from somewhere. If you make the building very air tight, it can actually draw exhaust down the chimney from a heating system so be careful.

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